ACTECO SQR481F Engine Review|Chery Motors


ACTECO SQR481F Engine is the first work by the cooperation between Chery Motors & AVL, it adopts DOHC, 4-cylinder, 16 valves design, compression ratio is 10:1 which is the same as TRITEC engine, yet Chery SQR481F uses full aluminium core while TRITEC engine uses cast iron cylinder, so it has better heat transpiration and lighter weight.

Chery ACTECO 1.8 Engine Characteristic Curve

But please notice that the engine which equips on Chery A3 1.8L is SQR481FC as well as the SQR481FD on A3 1.6L, SQR481FD & SQR481FC are the derivative products on SQR481F, the cylinder bore is 81mm, the piston stroke is 89.5mm on SQR481FC (1.8L) while it is 77.5mm on SQR481FD (1.6L), they are the same DOHC, 4-cylinder, 16 valves design structure except the compression ratio is 10.5:1, and the cylinder is cast iron. In addition, both of them are matched the electronic throttle system and SEFI. The max power on 1.8L is 97kw, max torque is 170Nm

ACTECO SQR481F Power/Torque Curve

(Click to see big photo)

The weight of SQR481F is 10kg lighter then SQR481FC/D due to the full aluminium core on it, SQR481F match on Chery A3 2.0L model which the max power reaches at 102kW after tune-up, the volume power has also been elevated from it’s original 48.2kW to 51kW.
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