ACTECO SQR477F Engine Brief Introduction


Chery A3 2010 Model 1.6VVT ACTECO SQRE4G16 Engine
Chery A3 2010 Model 1.6VVT ACTECO SQRE4G16 Engine

ACTECO SQR477F 1.5L engine uses a SOHC (single overhead camshaft) technology with 16-valve all-aluminum structure. Resolved the problem on inlet and exhaust of the two valve engine while running in high speed, cost and the disadvantages of high fuel comsuption , ensure the most complete combustion of mixture fuel  in order to get the best power output.

Althought the displacement of the engine is reduced to 1.5 Litre, the maximum power was upgraded to 80kW. Also, the rpm of the engine  is at 3000, it can burst the maximum torque 140N.m, the engine can reach maximum torque peak while only at 1,500 rpm , the power can complete release. it goes with the international trend that low speed, high torque.

ACTECO 1.5L engine has also gotten many other attractions. For example: In the absence of the case VVT ​​technology, ACTECO 1.5L engine ( which is not equipment with VVT technology) ‘s performance can even exceed the engine which is equipped with turbocharger.

The constant speed fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.1L, in urban traffic, the fuel comsumption is also measured as around 6.5L/100 kilometers .  In addition, ACTECO 1.5L engine uses a single overhead camshaft 16-valve design, simple structure, soldem problems. To reduce maintenance costs, savings in maintenance costs, but also meet the consumers’ needs in the future use.

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