Yangwang U9 Will be the First Pure Electric Supercar from BYD


In the high-end camp, BYD is a latecomer in the Chinese market. The release of BYD HAN EV is really a turning point. At present, BYD’s ultra-luxury models are also coming. Recently, BYD official social media launched the new appearance and new color of its all-new Yangwang U9. Yangwang U9 is a pure electric supercar, officially positioned as a million-level pure electric performance supercar. It will be equipped with BYD’s latest Yunnian-X body control system. and the e4 power system, with the support of 4 E-motors, the new car can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2 seconds.

In terms of appearance, compared with the real car unveiled before, Yangwang U9 has adjusted the front and lights. The light strip has been changed to a line style. The overall style of the head is very similar to a fierce cobra. We also saw its English name “Ultimat U9” on the front windshield.

The side lines are very smooth, the body at the lower edge of the window is featured with an undulating style, large number of aerodynamic kits are used in the middle of the body, which vividly reflects the atmosphere of a supercar. The side skirts have also been extended, it is equipped with a large fixed rear spoiler in the tail. The bar-type taillight group combined with the novel spoiler and the carbon fiber rear hood are highly recognizable. In addition, Yangwang U9 is also equipped with an exaggerated rear diffuser assembly.

More information about Yangwang U9 may be further announced at the Shanghai Auto Show, but it is foreseeable that the appearance of Yangwang U9 will bring consumers a more powerful performance experience, and it is also a threat to traditional fuel supercars.