Range of BYD HAN EV To Do 605KM, Or Feature “Blade Battery”


From the latest new energy vehicle promotion catalogue announced by China MIIT, we have learned about the power and range information of BYD HAN EV and DM (dual-motor). BYD Han EV will be offered by both dual-motor and single-motor versions. Under the NEDC standard, the pure electric range will be 550km (341miles) and 605km (375miles), respectively; the pure electric range will be 81km for BYD HAN DM model.

BYD HAN EV will provide single-motor / two-wheel drive and dual-motor / four-wheel drive models. The single-motor version will deliver a maximum power of 163kW (218hp) and a maximum torque of 330N · m.

The dual-motor front / rear motors will have a maximum power of 163kW (218hp) and 200kW (268hp), a maximum torque of 350N · m, NEDC range of 550km, and a power consumption of 15.4kWh / 100km.

The power battery will feature the new generation of lithium iron phosphate battery which is so-called “blade battery” by BYD, and the cell is designed to be flattened, it is said that the energy density of the volume ratio is 50% better than that of the traditional battery, and battery life is longer.


BYD Han DM model will be offered by a power system consisting of a 2.0T turbocharged engine and a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power of the engine is 141kW (188hp) and the maximum power of the motor is 180kW (241hp). The car uses a ternary lithium battery, and NEDC’s comprehensive range is 81km.

According to previous news, these two models are expected to be officially listed at the end of the second quarter or early third quarter of 2020 (around June) in Chinese market.