New BYD e5 is Revealed with “Dragon Face” Design Language

2019 BYD e5

We obtained a set of new BYD e5 model declaration images from China MIIT. It can be seen from the picture that the new car adopts a new design, the overall shape adopts BYD’s latest “Dragon Face” family design language. Anyway, there is no clear news about the launch time for this new car.

From the exposure pictures, the new car has changed significantly compared to the current model. The “big mouth” front grille fits the narrow matrix LED light group, giving the front face a strong sporty atmosphere. At this point, you may be able to feel that the car is very close to the design of the new BYD Qin. Indeed, the place where the two cars can be clearly identified is in the front and rear badge. The badge with letters “BYD” is BYD e5, while BYD Qin puts directly the Chinese character “秦”(Qin)as the badge.

2019 BYD Qin

Comparison of the current BYD e5, the new BYD e5 and the new BYD Qin size: (Unit:mm)

Current BYD e54680176515002660
New BYD e54675177015002670
2019 BYD Qin4675177015002670

The rear end of the new car has a strong sense of layering, the slender horizontal chrome trim runs through the left and right taillights and widens the rear end of the car. In terms of size, the new car has a length and height of 4675/1770/1500mm and wheelbase of 2670mm, which is consistent with the new BYD Qin. Compared with the old model, the width and wheelbase are slightly improved, and the length is slightly reduced.

BYD e5 declared in 2018

It is worth noting that China MIIT had exposed the appearance images of a set of BYD e5 in May 2018. It can be seen from the figure that the design of the car does not adopt the “Dragon Face” design language, but the car is not listed.

In terms of power, it is only known from the declaration information that the maximum power of the motor is 100kW (134hp) and the maximum speed is 130km/h. It is concluded that the power system of this new car should not be significantly upgraded. Regarding the cruising range and battery capacity, there is no clear information yet, we will continue to pay attention.