Interior Teaser Images of BYD HAN EV


Recently, BYD released an interior map of BYD’s flagship model in the ” dynasty ” lineup, BYD Han. According to the official introduction, BYD Han interpreted a new family design language in vehicle design, especially in the interior. Through the concept of Chinese aesthetics, interior materials and manufacturing technology, BYD HAN described the luxury quality and sense of technology defined by the brand.

Spy photo of BYD HAN interior revealed last time

The interior of BYD HAN in the official picture uses a red and black contrasting color design, and the new design language officially claims that it incorporates Chinese aesthetic concepts and adopts a symmetrical design. From the perspective of color matching, the red seats plus the middle red decoration on the central console, steering wheel, and door panel also brings a certain visual impact. Compared with the spy photos previously exposed, the interior of the new car basically maintains the state of the spy photos, except that the three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel has been changed to a double-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel. While adding a sporty atmosphere to the interior, it is more luxurious. The shape of the block has also been adjusted.

Both the instrument panel and the central control screen use a large LCD screen. Judging from the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel and the details of the lower end of the central control screen, the screen still uses the BYD’s rotatable design. The co-pilot’s ” Dragon Scale ” texture atmosphere lamp is an extension of BYD’s Dragon Face design language on the interior, and this texture is also reflected in the seat.

From the details of the interior, you can also see more information about the new car. The multifunction button on the left of the steering wheel is equipped with ACC adaptive endurance control keys; while the bottom of the steering wheel is displayed with 2.0 LANE ASSISTANT, which may indicate that BYD Han is equipped with a greatly optimized assisted driving system. Of course, with the launch of Denza X (a brand that is in-depth cooperation with Mercedes-Benz), BYD is also brining design elements Mercedes-Benz in its interior design.

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