BYD’s All-New Sedan: The SEAL Listed in the Chinese Market


On July 29, BYD Seal was officially launched, it is offered in 4 models, and the price range after subsidies is 209,800-286,800 yuan. Based on BYD e-platform 3.0, BYD Seal is positioned as a pure electric mid-sized sedan; according to different configurations, its 0-100km/h acceleration ranges from 3.8 seconds, 5.9 seconds, and 7.5 seconds, and its cruising range (CLTC conditions) also has 550 kilometers, 650 km, 700 km optional.

Different from BYD’s Dynasty series, BYD Seal follows the design style of BYD’s marine series, with a stronger sense of movement and youthfulness. The line design of the whole vehicle also makes the whole vehicle more muscular. The design of the front of the car adds a waistline, the trend is more of a swooping sense of sight.

From the side, the new car adopts a very streamlined line. The waistline extends from the front fender to the rear, and the upward design of the C-pillar adds a sense of muscle. The taillight group adopts the latest bar-type design.

The body length, width, and height of BYD Seal are 4800/1875/1460mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2920mm. In terms of appearance configuration, the new car comes standard with a panoramic roof, active air intake grille, hidden door handles, and front compartment storage box, and is equipped with 18-inch or 19-inch wheels depending on the configuration.

In the interior design section, the car continues to adopt the marine design aesthetics, imitating the wave design in the line part of the center console, and the handle on the door panel imitating the water drop design. In terms of internal configuration, the whole seal series is equipped with the latest DiLink intelligent network connection system and adopts a 15.6-inch adaptive rotating suspension Pad, which can support 5G network connection.

In terms of safety configuration, BYD Seal comes standard with airbags for the main and passenger drivers, knee airbags for the main driver, front and rear side airbags, front and rear integrated side airbags, 360-degree holographic transparent images, driving recorders, blind spot monitoring, etc. In addition, the new car is equipped with a 12-speaker Dynaudio audio system except the entry-level model.

In terms of suspension, BYD Seal has equipped with a front double wishbone independent suspension + rear five-link independent suspension structure. It is worth mentioning that the four-wheel drive performance version is also equipped with iTAC intelligent torque control technology. Its working principle is: iTAC adds a motor resolver sensor on the basis of the wheel speed sensor, which can predict the change trend of wheel speed more than 50 milliseconds in advance, adjust the torque matching of the wheel end in advance, restore the stability of the vehicle, and broaden the control limit.

In terms of power and battery life, depending on the model: the standard battery life rear-drive model under CLTC operating conditions has a battery life of 550 km, the maximum power is 150 kW, the maximum torque is 310 N m, and the 0-100 km/h acceleration is 7.5 seconds; The 750km-battery-range version has maximum power of 230kW, the maximum torque is 360N·m, and the 0-100km/h acceleration is 5.9 seconds; the four-wheel drive performance model with a range of 650km under CLTC conditions has maximum power of 390kW, the maximum torque is 670N·m, and the 0-100km/ h accelerates in 3.8 seconds.