BYD Qin & Song PLUS DM-i will be exported to Colombia for the first time


Motorysa, a BYD distributor, announced the introduction of the first batch of 500 BYD QIN PLUS DM-i and SONG PLUS DM-i models at a new car launch event in Bogota, Colombia, last week.

We learned that BYD entered the Colombian passenger car market in 2019. So far, it has delivered thousands of electric passenger cars to Bogota, Medellin and other places.

Motorysa said: “These two cars have a trendy and futuristic exterior design, and are equipped with the DM-i super hybrid platform, which combines beauty and performance, and will continue to promote the development of Colombia’s new energy vehicle industry.”

By the end of last year, BYD had received orders for more than 1,550 electric buses in Colombia, accounting for 96.5% of the Colombian electric bus market and 99% of the capital Bogota’s electric bus market.

BYD said it delivered more than 1,000 plug-in hybrid models to Colombia in 2021, and has dealers in several cities in the country.