BYD leaks new EV, or name SONG PLUS Sitting between SONG PRO and TANG

BYD SONG PLUS Fuel Version

Recently, we obtained the declaration image of the BYD SONG family’s new model from the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The car is likely to be named BYD SONG PLUS. In addition to the 1.5T engine, the car also offers a pure electric version, the car will be positioned between BYD SONG Pro and BYD Tang.


At present, the official naming of the car has not been announced, but we can see the label of SONG PLUS from the declaration figure, we will temporarily call it SONG PLUS. The new car will adopt a family-style dragon face shape. The grille of the fuel version has a dot matrix chrome decoration inside the grille, which looks very high-grade. Compared to the existing SONG Pro, the roof of the car adopts a slip-back style, which is more sporty, and at the same time, the car will provide a panoramic sunroof. The pure electric version uses a closed front face, the overall design language is consistent with BYD HAN pure electric version.

From the side, the car’s body is very slender, which also indicates its larger body size. The car’s waistline is low in front and high in back, and the line near the rear has a strong sense of muscle. At the same time, the new car is equipped with multi-spoke wheels, the shape is also very sharp.

The rear design of BYD SONG PLUS fuel version and the pure electric version are basically the same. The new car adopts the shape of thebar-type taillight. The LED light source is expected to be used internally. On both sides of the rear of the car, there are also ventilation holes of not small size, which brings a stronger sense of movement. The tail of the fuel version uses a hidden exhaust design, so it is basically the same as the pure electric version.

In other respects, the length, width, and height of the car are 4705/1890 / 1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2765mm. In addition to the height, other parameters have exceeded SONG Pro. At the same time, the car’s rim size includes 18 inches, 19 inches and 20 inches.

In the declaration information, we saw “S5, SE, AIR, CROSS, L, PLUS, SPORT” and other words. These may be the future name of the car. However, we also see that the declared models are directly marked with the name of BYD SONG PLUS, which is why we temporarily call it SONG PLUS. Of course, it is also possible to be named SONG SPORT.

In terms of power, the fuel version of the new car is powered by the BYD476ZQB 1.5T engine. This engine has a maximum power of 160 horsepower and a peak torque of 245 Nm. It is expected to be the same as the SONG Pro, matching it with a 6-speed manual and 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The pure electric model is equipped with a 120kW electric motor. The entire system is expected to be consistent with the pure electric version of SONG Pro. We learned that it is offered by either 400km or 500km versions (the test conditions are unknown).