BYD Expose More Details on its New Compact SUV SA2 – “Dragon Face” Re-evolution


At present, Chinese brand vehicles are becoming more and more influential both in China and international market, such as Geely, Chery, BYD, Great Wall Motors. With the introduction of new designs, BYD is also a car company that has attracted much attention from Chinese consumers. BYD once again exposed a brand new SUV model after BYD Song MAX and the new BYD Tang listing, the new mode type is SA2.

In terms of appearance, BYD SA2 adopts the “Dragon Face 2.0” design language, which is more dynamic than the new generation of BYD Tang and the new generation of BYD Song. In addition, the front face of BYD SA2 uses more horizontal lines, the visual tension is stronger, the lines are thicker and sharper. It is worth mentioning that BYD SA2 also uses the “Dragon Crystal” headlights, while the “777” dragon-claw LED lamp post is highly recognizable, it can light up step by step.

The BYD SA2 tail-through double-light strip design reproduces the design style of the Dynasty concept car.

With the addition of former Ferrari exterior design director JuanMa López and Mercedes-Benz interior design director Michel Paganetti, BYD’s design level continues to escalate. As BYD’s most anticipated compact SUV in 2019, we will continue to pay attention to it.