All-New BYD QIN EV To Launch in China Market Soon, Range of 261 Miles


On August 19th, the new-gen BYD Qin EV was officially unveiled. The new car is built on the BYD e-platform and incorporates the brand’s latest design language, range is up to 261miles(421km) under NEDC conditions, it is expected to be launched in the third quarter 2019.

BYD Qin EV is a pure electric sedan from BYD Auto. The appearance of all-new BYD Qin EV has huge innovation compared to the outgoing model. BYD’s latest “Dragon Face” design language is deeply integrated into the detail design, the front face looks very similar to the current BYD Qin Pro EV. The hexagonal large-mouth grille and the hood line are just rightly combined to create a strong impact. The shape of the front headlight group is slightly different from that of the Qin Pro EV, the array type LED light source is standard configuration, and the highly technical lighting effect has reached the finishing touch.

The side of the car is designed to be tough, with a sharp and obliquely extending waistline and a slightly upwardly sloping hood line creating a forward-floating body posture. The real-shot model is equipped with 17-inch double-five-spoke hub that is very sporty and blackened, with tire size of 205/50 R17, highlighting its young sporty positioning. In terms of body size, the all-new BYD Qin EV has a length, width and height of 4675/1770/1500mm and wheelbase of 2670mm. Compared with the outgoing model, the length of the EV is shortened by 65mm, the height of the car is increased by 10mm, and the wheelbase keep the same.

The rear end design of the all-new BYD Qin EV is significantly different from the current Qin Pro EV. The car does not use the bar-style taillights that BYD has now widely applied to its new models. The sharp corners of the upper part of the new irregular polygon taillights are very dynamic, the style of the rear end is simple.

The interior of the all-new BYD Qin EV is BYD’s latest family-style appearance, featuring minimalist technology. The central control line is flat and smooth, and the rotatable central control touch screen has become one of BYD’s brand features, the screen size is 10.1 inches. The built-in DiLink intelligent network connection system integrates the functions of air conditioner and multimedia.

Anyway, the new car does not use full LCD instrument, the mechanical instrument style is simple and generous, and the small LCD screen in the middle can display various working conditions information of the vehicle, such as driving mode, tire pressure and cruising range.

In terms of power, all-new BYD Qin EV is powered by motor with maximum power of 100kW (134hp) and maximum torque of 180N·m. The power battery is ternary lithium battery with capacity of 53.1kWh and energy density of 160Wh/kg. Under NEDC conditions, the cruising range is 261miles(421km), which is 13miles(21km) higher than the old one. The car uses charging pile with charging power of 50 kW, it takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 80%, and 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%. In terms of suspension, the all-new BYD Qin EV adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam non-independent suspension.