Invest Flagchip, Huawei continues to overweight the semiconductor industry


According to the news on June 13, recently, Suzhou Flagchip Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Suzhou Flagchip “) has undergone registration modification, adding Shenzhen Hubble Technology Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Suzhou Yipu No. 2 Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership) as shareholders, and the company’s registered capital has increased to about 10.44 million yuan.

According to public information, Suzhou Flagchip was established in October 2020, mainly engaged in the research and development and sales of high-end automotive controller chips. A leading manufacturer in the field of industrial controllers.

Public info shows that in December 2021, in the A+ round of financing of Suzhou Flagchip, Xiaomi Industry Fund appeared. For this investment, Sun Changxu, the managing partner of Xiaomi Industry Fund, once said that he expects Flagchip to grow into a leading supplier of automotive chips in China. In the shareholder information of Suzhou Flagchip, Xiaomi’s affiliated company Hainanimu Venture Capital Co., Ltd. also appeared.

Hubble Technology Investments, as a venture capital company under Huawei, has invested intensively in the semiconductor industry recently. Only in June, two companies submitted prospectuses. On June 1, Sidea Semiconductor Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the largest semiconductor probe station manufacturer in China invested by Huawei, submitted a prospectus to China Growth Enterprise Market. On June 2, Maxic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.’s IPO application on the Star Market was accepted. Up to now, Hubble Technology Investment has accumulated 78 foreign investment events, including more than 40 investment events in the semiconductor field.