Huawei’s self-developed 600kW supercharger dubted in China, max. charging current 1000V


Recently, the information of Huawei’s super charging pile has been exposed on the Internet. The super charging pile is independently developed by Huawei and supports the national standard 2015 DC fast charging. The output voltage range is 200-1000V, the maximum output current is 600A, and the maximum output power is 600kW.

Looking at Huawei’s official website, the above three FusionCharge are DC Supercharger, DC Fast Charger and DC Split Charger. The maximum power of a DC supercharger is 600kW, the rated voltage is 1000V, the maximum current is 600A, and the maximum power is 600kW; the DC fast charge is a double-split pile with a total power of 360kW, each with a maximum of 180kW, and the length of the charging cable is 5 meters; output voltage range of DC split charger is 200-1000V, and the rated output power is 600kW. Of course, to achieve such a charging power requires the support of the grid, but it also shows Huawei’s layout in terms of energy supplementation.


Regarding the data of this supercharger, it is more intuitive to compare with other manufacturers. Tesla’s fourth-generation super charging pile has a rated voltage of 1000 volts, a rated current of 615 amps, and a theoretical maximum power output of 600 kilowatts. NIO officially released a 500kW ultra-fast charging pile at the end of last year. The maximum power of a single pile is 500kW, The maximum current is 660A, and the maximum power of Xpeng Motors‘ S4 supercharging pile is 480kW, which supports the 800V high-voltage supercharging system, and the maximum current is 670A, which is also the common data of the models under the current 800V platform.

Among the electric vehicles related to Huawei, Avatr 11 and Arcfox Alpha S support the 800V platform, and the maximum charging power is 240kW and 187kW respectively. Follow-up AITO will also have Wenjie M9, we look forward to its performance in charging speed.