Foxconn Debuts New EV: Foxtron Model B & Model V for a Hatchback and Pickup


On the Foxconn Technology Day (HHTD22) on October 18, Foxconn’s new EVs, Model V and Model B, were launched. The former is an electric pickup truck, and the other one, Model B, is a pure electric hatchback. At the same time, the mass production version of Model C was also unveiled. Foxconn Chairman Liu Yangwei revealed that the order for Model C exceeded 15,000 vehicles within 32 hours. The three vehicles will be gradually produced in Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.

Foxtron Model B

Model B is a hatchback, and its positioning is expected to be similar to the Volkswagen ID.3. In the front part of the car, the front face of the car adopts the popular bar-type design, but the light bar on the front of the car is not completely connected. It adopts a split lamp group, and the internal shape of the lamp group is the same as that of the lower grille, both of which are in the gradient lattice style.

The side design reminds us of the Volkswagen ID.3, strictly speaking, the overall stance is more like a Golf. It uses a camera exterior mirror, indicating that it is not the final production version. In the details, the car adopts low wind resistance rims, and there are ventilation holes on the fenders. It is quite eye-catching with the black body surround and the individual C-pillar panels, and we can also see a sign on the fender that appears to be marked by Pininfarina Design Studio.

The rear of the car echoes the front face, and it is also a penetrating style. The demo video also shows that its LED taillights can display specific patterns, such as pedestrians passing in front.

Model V

The pure electric pickup Model V is designed by Foxconn itself. The appearance uses LED daytime running lights with double H logos, which represent the abbreviation of Foxconn’s parent company (Hon Hai Group). The taillights of the vehicle also adopt the same design idea. From the front of the car, you can see that the new car adopts a hidden grille design, using a three-dimensional diamond shape, and there are advanced automatic driving assistance system sensors in the front of the car.

It can be seen from the side of the body that the car is a front and rear double-row pickup. The riding space is as satisfied as possible. The charging interface is located on the front side of the door. The door uses a hidden door handle, and the vehicle also has large-sized wheels.

On October 18 last year, on the Foxconn Technology Day, Foxconn officially released the pure electric vehicle brand Foxtron. The new brand was built by the joint venture company established by Hon Hai Group and Yulon Motor. In addition, it also brought three new models, Model C, Model E and Model T. Among them, Model C is positioned as a pure electric mid-size SUV, Model E is a pure electric medium and large sedan, and Model T is a pure electric bus.

On this year’s Foxconn Technology Day, Foxconn brought two other new cars. It is reported that Foxconn has the MIH electric modular platform, which can expand a variety of products including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. The wheelbase stretches from 2750mm to 3100mm, and power includes single-motor front or rear drive, as well as dual-motor four-wheel drive, as well as MacPherson/torsion beam suspension, and a combination of double wishbone/multi-link suspension. Therefore, we also hope that Foxconn can bring us more models in the future.