Baidu To Cooperate With Chongqing In Autonomous Driving & Smart City


On August 25th, Baidu and China Chongqing Municipal People’s Government jointly signed a contract to jointly promote the innovation and development of big data integration. The two sides will cooperate in autonomous driving, smart city, smart government, blockchain and other aspects. In addition, at the signing ceremony, for the next step, how artificial intelligence (AI) can promote industrial intelligent upgrading and enhance the country’s competitiveness, Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong suggested focusing on safety and efficiency and speeding up infrastructure construction, and make full use of open source and open platforms.

It is reported that in terms of autonomous driving, Chongqing will strongly support Baidu to build a “Western Intelligent Driving Open Test Innovation Center” in the local area. Based on Baidu Apollo’s automatic driving technology and ecology, it will jointly promote the research and development and implementation of related technologies in the local area and accelerate technical iteration and industrial upgrading of Chongqing’s automobile industry and urban traffic management.

Baidu will also set up Baidu Apollo Autopilot Test Operation Center in Yongchuan (Chongqing), relying on the complete road network system and rich test scenarios of Yongchuan District, Chongqing to help Chongqing citizens to experience the convenient service brought by autopilot as soon as possible.

In terms of smart cities, Baidu will take advantage of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and Internet data to target applications such as smart parking, smart courts, and intelligent weather, through deep empowerment of urban brains, maps, and energy. In other fields, we will implement a complete artificial intelligence city demonstration program for Chongqing, help Chongqing to establish a new smart city comprehensive pilot, and concentrate on building a new smart city.