Beijing BJ60 Diesel Version Will be Live on the Chinese Market Soon


Recently, Beijing BJ60 Diesel version was officially launched. The BJ60 Diesel version is positioned as a mid to large SUV equipped with a new generation of independently developed diesel powertrain from BAIC Motor, possessing multiple advanced technologies, and equipped with a relatively hard core time-sharing four-wheel drive system.

Looking at the appearance, the front face of Beijing BJ60 Diesel version is not significantly different from the gasoline version currently on sale. The whole car looks quite tough, but some curves can still be seen on the body, which appears softer compared to hardcore off-road vehicles like the Beijing BJ80. The new car features a large number of chrome decorations, with three U-shaped chrome decorations on the grille and integrated with the headlight frame, giving it a very domineering look.

In terms of power, BJ60 is equipped with a new generation of diesel powertrain independently developed by BAIC. It adopts BOSCH high-pressure common rail direct injection technology, high-efficiency electric VGT turbocharger, in cylinder direct injection, in cylinder preheating and other technologies, with a thermal efficiency of 41%, a maximum power of 120kW, a maximum torque of 400N · m, and is equipped with a 48V light hybrid system. The new car will continue to use the gasoline version of the non load bearing body, ATS all terrain control system, and time-sharing four-wheel drive system. It also comes with a standard 2.5-ton maximum towing qualification for the entire vehicle, with a reserved traction device and power port, which can further enrich the driving scenarios.