HAOMO.AI announces the completion of over 100 million yuan in B1 round financing


On February 22, HAOMO.AI announced that it has obtained over 100 million yuan in B1 round financing. This round of financing was invested by Chengdu Wufeng Fund. The raised funds will be mainly used for the research and development of AI autonomous driving technology such as the HAOMO.AI intelligent AI model, and to help Chengdu Wuhou District build a leading robot demonstration zone in China.

The Chinese intelligent driving market has huge development space and opportunities. Intelligent driving is becoming the protagonist of the second half of the automotive revolution. 2024 is also considered to be the year of accelerated popularization and landing of intelligent driving in China. According to HAOMO.AI, the penetration rate of high-level assisted driving of passenger vehicles in China will reach 70% in 2025. In the field of last-mile logistics and automatic distribution, there is a huge market space for fulfillment and distribution, express delivery, and community scenarios. For example, cleaning and security are gradually adopting the form of autonomous driving robots to achieve capacity complementarity.

As of February 2024, HAOMO.AI’s passenger car intelligent driving product HPilot has been equipped on more than 20 models, and the user-assisted driving mileage has exceeded 120 million kilometers. HAOMO.AI’s three thousand-yuan-level assisted driving products, HP170, HP370, and HP570, can meet the mass production needs of different models at high, medium, and low prices.