Baidu Receives Beijing Autonomous Manned Test Approval


On December 30, according to the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Beijing officially launched the test of manned autonomous driving. Baidu’s 40 vehicles have obtained the first batch of manned autonomous driving test qualifications, the cumulative test mileage of these vehicles is more than 100,000 kilometers.

It is reported that the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone has opened an area of 40 square kilometers as the test area for autonomous vehicles, with a total of 111 roads and a total mileage of 322.46 kilometers. Except for some sections of schools, hospitals, and office buildings, the entire region has basically been opened up, this is also the first time that Beijing has opened a test area for autonomous vehicles.

As of December this year, Beijing has opened 151 autonomous driving test roads with a total length of 503.68 kilometers, it is the NO.1 in length in China. At present, Beijing has issued road test licenses for 77 vehicles from 13 autonomous driving technology development companies including Audi, Daimler, Toyota, Baidu, Didi, and, with safety test mileage exceeding 1 million kilometers.