No Cockpit and Steering Wheel, Yutong L4 Automatic Driving Bus “Xiaoyu” on Road Trial


In recent years, Chinese automakers have entered the autopilot and have no longer “hidden” their own research and development results. Recently, the China leading bus manufacturer “Yutong Group” has landed a 5G intelligent bus project: four 5-meter-long L4-class autonomous driving bus “Xiaoyu” began trial operation on a circular line on the “wisdom island” of Zhengzhou. The road has a total length of 1.53 km and is routed to 3 intelligent stations (average station distance 508 meters) and 7 intelligent traffic lights.

The shape of the Xiaoyu autonomous driving bus has a far different appearance from the conventional buses. Featuring stylish and modern design, Xiaoyu has nothing else but seats inside it, and no cockpit and steering wheel are available. Xiaoyu can recognize traffic lights, pedestrians and obstacles, and identify emergency vehicles to avoid them actively.

Yutong official website:

The wisdom island ring road passes through 7 intersections, vehicles and pedestrians shuttle back and forth, the road environment is relative complicated, in the designated intelligent driving bus lane, “Xiaoyu” automatic driving bus can be automatically operation without lane guardrail isolation, identification of traffic lights, pedestrians, obstacles, and identification of emergency vehicles and active avoidance.

In order to truly achieve the operation of autonomous buses, Yutong has built a set of 5G intelligent public transportation system solutions based on the L4 autonomous driving bus, realized the integration of “vehicle – road – network – cloud- regulation”, and constructed a new generation of intelligent networked transportation system with comprehensive collaboration.