The new Tesla Roadster is open for pre-orders in China again


We found from Tesla’s official website in China that Tesla’s upcoming Roadster, which had stopped accepting reservations in December 2021, has now opened its reservation page again. One can reserve the Tesla Roadster with a deposit of 332,000 yuan. Compared with the past, the models that can be pre-ordered this time are only the regular version. Earlier, one could book the founder series version, which is no longer be pre-ordered because the model is limited to only 1,000 units. According to the latest news, the models of Tesla Roadster will start its mass production in the year 2023.

If you don’t know about the new Roadster, it is a sports car from Tesla. The appearance of the vehicle has a streamlined shape and an ultra-low wind resistance coefficient. Its appearance design is also completely different from the current model, with rich body lines and a certain sense of the future.

Further, it also equips a small spoiler, and unlike other sports cars, the new vehicle has an excellent view. It also has a large-sized window size which may be the largest in the segment. The new car will use a two-door design and will be equipped with four seats.

Tesla Roadster Power figures

In terms of power, the peak torque of the drive motor mounted on the new Roadster is 10,000N-m. The same torque enables the Tesla Roadster to accelerate from 0 to 96km/h in only 1.9 seconds and from 0 to 160km/h in only 4.2 seconds. The maximum speed that the vehicle can reach is 400km/h. In addition, the new car will be equipped with a 200kWh power battery, and officials say its maximum cruising range can reach 1,000 kilometers.

It is also worth mentioning that the Tesla Cybertruck, which was also unable to be booked due to the delay in mass production, is now also available for booking. However, the deposit is only 1,000 yuan, and the total amount is refundable. The thing is that there is no option for booking a specific model version of the car. Make sure to stay tuned to our blog for more updates like these.