Tesla Shanghai factory is rumored to be shut down, delivery time exceeds four months


It was reported on the Internet that Tesla‘s Shanghai Gigafactory may suspend production for two days due to the epidemic (March 16-March 17). Some Chinese media immediately asked the official for confirmation, and the answer was: We actively cooperate with the government’s request for nucleic acid test and other epidemic prevention requirements, and at the same time do our best to ensure production and overcome difficulties together.

The impact of the supply chain crisis and the shutdown of factories caused by the epidemic have resulted in a prolonged delivery cycle for Tesla’s models in the Chinese market. The we checked Tesla’s official website and found that the current delivery cycle of its models is relatively long, among which the delivery cycle of Model 3 is 16-20 weeks, and the delivery cycle of Model Y is also 10-20 weeks.

The Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory plays a pivotal role in Tesla’s global business. In 2021, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory delivered more than 480,000 vehicles throughout the year, accounting for almost half of Tesla’s total global deliveries.