Tesla Reduce Price Again in China, Model 3 Price Fell Below 300,000 yuan


Recently, we learned from relevant channels that the base price of the Model 3 China-spec was reduced from 355,800 yuan to 323,800 yuan (including the basic driver assistance function), and enjoyed the China’s subsidy policy. After the subsidy, the selling price will be lower than 300,000 yuan, reaching 299,905 yuan (~US$43,019), and purchase tax will be exempted.

In addition to the price reduction, Tesla Model 3’s various optional accessories have also been reduced to a certain extent. For example, the pure black paint has been adjusted from 9,500 yuan to free, white, silver, blue and red paint that previously sold for 18,900 yuan is adjusted to 8,000 yuan. In addition, Model 3’s optional 19-inch sports rims are also lowered from 14,200 yuan to 6,000 yuan.

In order to save costs and reduce the selling price, Tesla also adjusted the free charging pile and installation service to a paid “home charging service package”, which includes a basic installation cost of a charging pile and 80 meters of cable. Users can decide purchases before or after the sale.