Tesla China: The price of the Model Y long-range version has been increased by 19,000 yuan in the Chinese market


On June 17, Tesla China’s official website showed that the price of some models in the Model Y series has been adjusted in the Chinese market. Among them, the price of the Model Y long-range version has been increased by 19,000 yuan from 375,900 yuan to 394,900 yuan; the price of the Model Y rear-wheel drive version and high-performance version has not changed, still 316,900 yuan and 417,900 yuan.

This is the 4th price adjustment made by Tesla China since the launch of 2022 Tesla China models, and the 4 adjustments are all “price increases”.

In March this year, Tesla adjusted the price of Tesla China models three times within 10 days, involving all Model 3 and Model Y China versions.

Just one day ago, on June 16, the U.S. market just announced a price adjustment for many of its models. Among the Model Y series, the price of Model Y Long Range (four-wheel drive long-range version) increased by $3,000 to $65,990; the price of Model Y Performance increased by $2,000 to $69,990.

Unlike the US market, the price adjustment in the Chinese market only involves the Model Y long-range version, and the high-performance version has not increased in price in China.

According to analysis, this time Tesla’s price increase in the United States and China may be related to the continuous increase in raw material and logistics costs. At present, the supply and demand of the new energy vehicle industry is still unbalanced. Under the pressure of inflation, the price increase of upstream raw materials continues to be transmitted to end consumers