Tesla China Jan. 2022 sales released: Delivered nearly 60,000 units


Recently, the CPCA (China Passenger Car Association) announced the domestic car sales in January 2022. Among them, Tesla delivered a total of 59,845 vehicles in January, including 40,500 exported, accounting for nearly 80% of my country’s new energy exports, and calculated from this Domestic sales were 19,345 units.

According to the official introduction, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, which has only been in operation for two years, has already shouldered half of Tesla’s global delivery in 2021, becoming Tesla’s main export hub. At present, the Shanghai Gigafactory is responsible for the production of Model 3 and Model Y. The planned annual production capacity of the factory was 500,000 vehicles at the beginning of its establishment. According to the current production rhythm, it is likely to have already exceeded this number.

Recently, there was also news that Tesla would build a new factory in Liaoning China, but it was quickly denied by officials, the industry generally believed that Tesla’s next factory is likely to be in China. If Tesla really builds a second factory in China, the production models may not be the same. In addition to the possibility of introducing the new Model S and Model X into China, it may also be low-end models priced at around US$25,000 (about 160,000 RMB).