Tesla announced to settle in Chinese B2C giant Tmall to expand online business


On April 16th, today, Tesla announced that it officially entered Tmall (Tmall.com, a Chinese online B2C website) and opened Tesla’s first official flagship store on the third-party platform in China.

It is understood that by entering Tmall, Tesla will expand its online mode to third-party platforms to form a closed-loop online service for after-sales service, car service, and exclusive accessories. Tesla said that this can better meet Chinese young consumers’s needs of modern Internet users.

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The first batch of products on the official flagship store are mainly customized and exclusive accessories for Tesla’s current models, such as advanced interior kits, performance pedals, road rescue safety kits, and mobile phone fast charging connection plates. The flagship store can also book a test drive. Tesla’s online store can be considered as a new attempt to expand its localized channels.

According to Tesla’s official Weibo news, Tesla will do 8-day Taobao live broadcast, and the first live broadcast will be held on April 21. During this period, Tesla’s children’s electric car, Model 3 48-hour test drive and charging Coupons and other rights.

In addition, according to the business license information of the operator of the Tesla Tmall online store, the main body of the operation of the online store is Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

According to the data, Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in November 2012 with a registered capital of 2 million US dollars. The legal representative is Tesla ’s global vice president and president of Greater China, Zhu Xiaotong. The company’s business scope includes auto retail; auto and auto parts, rubber products (except natural rubber), instruments and meters, solar chargers, charging piles, charging cabinets, battery management system wholesale, import and export, and commission agents, etc. Fully-owned shares of Tesla Motors Hong Kong Co., Ltd.