Detailed Spec for Saleen’s Mini EV Maimai Debuted on Saleen Night 2019


On SALEEN Night hold at July 20, 2019, the Saleen official showed us its new pure electric mini-car, Saleen Maimai (Chinese say “迈迈”), but the official did not announce its specific parameters. Recently, we have obtained more information about this car from China MIIT. Its manufacturer name is Jinhua Youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and its registered trademark is Maidi.

This is WM GTA Mycar debuted on 2014 Beijing Auto Show

WM GTA (WM GreenTech Automotive Corp.) , the parent company of Saleen, once debuted a mini EV at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, named GTA Mycar, it’s actually the prototype of Saleen Maimai.

Saleen Maimai is a microcar, body size are 2995/1600/1580mm,wheelbase is only 1920mm, the total mass is 1259kg; the curb weight is 1100kg, the new car will offer a total of 155/60 R15, 175/55 R15 tire specifications.

In terms of power, Saleen Maimai will be powered by drive motor (codenamed: the SJ040248A-2103) produced by Shanghai Zhongke Shenjiang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., with maximum power of 130 hp (97 kW). In terms of batteries, it will be equipped with a ternary lithium-powered battery pack produced by Wuhu Tianyi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The top speed of the car is registered as 100km/h at the website of China MIIT.

Saleen Maimai’s comprehensive range is 189miles 305km, which is quite straight and narrow in China’s mini EV market. It takes 30min charging from 30-80% in the fast charge mode. The car will be produced at the Saleen’s Jiangsu Rugao plant.

Saleen Maimai is expected to be listed as early as the end of this year.