SAIC MG6 Review and Road Test – Appearance


Appearance:  Individual shape with FastBack concept

FastBack Concept

Although MG6 shares the same platform with Roewe 550, the appearance are much difference between each other. MG6 is not as smooth as Roewe 550, but it always stresses the sense of muscle ‘s strength. 4.65 m in it’s length is not short, such a hatchback vehicle has its unique natural temperament. MG6 Body Size

MG‘s classic design Fast-Back is applied on MG6, streamlined body with a beautiful hatchback body design have a good balance between the dynamic body and space.  MG6’s vehicle body looks great by the extraordinary wheelbase in the same class. MG6’s air-inlet grille, blade outlined headlamps and the brand-new stereoscopic logo of MG6 present a new family face.

MG6 streamlined bodyMG6 Brand-new Stereoscopic Logo

Headlight embedded black strokes, as if the thick painted eyeliner, just not for charming but for force. The grid thin and short, the middle MG logo is surrounded by sheet metal bump, the protuberant ridge  on the engine cover is the finishing touch, the entire front face is rich with layers to increase the personalised MG6 with dynamic smell.

MG6 Sharp Headlight

As the hatchback design of “FastBack” concept adopted, MG6’s side lines are very nice, the lines slide down fast from the roof after the Column B, and end with a cute spoiler.  Although petal-style wheel looks good, it seems it’s not sporty.

MG6 Side Beltlines

Rear bumper and the black plastic protection panel below slope upward together, the exhaust pipe looks like single, actually it is a dual-port design when you take a careful look. Taillights correspond with headlights which also embedded with the black strokes, but it is not so obvious. We see that MG6 is equipped with a rear window wiper, this small equipment costs are not high, but there is no doubt with its availability.

MG6 FastBack Concept

The partial details of MG6:

MG6 parts details