LIFAN X60 SUV Review|Interior Trimming


Interior Trimming of X60: although some of copycat parts, workmanship is desirable

Similar to Toyota RAV4? - X60

While you get inside Lifan X60, you will definitely see that the style is similar to Toyota RAV4

The width of the steering wheel is just appropriate, the height of head light is adjustable, except this it’s a surprise that an auto ON/OFF function for the head lamp is also equipped on LIFAN X60! It has certain practicability while you are getting in a tunnel.

Lifan X60 Dashboard

The size of buttons for acoustic control is very big, hand feeling is not bad, the gap of volume knob is also very large, but the background light is beautiful while it turns on in the night.

Auto on/off function is also equiped on X60 except the height adjust function

The materials of the center console is very tough, the assembly technique is very good, the gaps of all kinds of parts interior are very narrow.

Gaps between all parts are very small, workmanship has great imporved on X60

The glass of the whole car windows are adopted by the famous brand Saint-Gobain, Saint-Gobain is an very famous brand for supplying all kinds of vehicle glass such as Benz, BMW and etc.

Saint-Gobain brand glass is used on X60
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