Kaiyun Motors Released Chinese Cheapest Electric Pickup, The Pickman with Price Starts at only ~US$3,061


4 Horsepower, range of 68miles, top speed 40km/h, price of ~US$3,061, do you believe this is a pure electric pickup? Recently, a Chinese unknown automaker Kaiyun Motors released its pure electric mini pickup, they have two version, single row and dual row, this might be the cheapest pickup in China or in the world, price ranges from 21,800-30,800 yuan, it has also a English name: “Pickman”.

The single row Pickman has a body size of 3475/1375/1550mm,wheelbase of 2315mm, max. range of 68miles(110km), and top speed of 40km/h.

It features the front double wishbone spiral spring independent suspension and the rear integral bridge type non-independent suspension, which can effectively reduce the turning roll and filter the impact force and bumpiness caused by the rugged road surface.

The dual row Pickman has body size of 3660/1350/1550mm,wheelbase of 2455mm,max. range of 110km,top speed of 60km/h.

This mini pickup is powered by an e-motor with max. power of 3kW (4hp), the battery is a 100Ah lead-acid battery, which is out of date in long time… the charging time is 8-10hours. The curb weight is 670kg, and the rated cargo quality is 300-600kg (depending on different version).

We noticed that this kind of low-speed EV doesn’t even need license plate in China, although the price is cheap, seldom people knows this brand, since the quality is unknown, it’s hard to sell…