JMEV Yizhi(EVEasy) EX5 Is Ready in China, A Pure EV Based on Changan CS35


Recently, JMC Group New Energy (JMEV) officially announced that its pure electric small SUV JMEV E400 changed its name to Yizhi(EVEasy) EX5, it offers total of four models, price starts at 115,800 end at 122,800 yuan (~US$16,339 – US$17,327) after subsidy, thanks to the increase in battery capacity, the range of Yizhi EX5 reached 405km, a significant increase compared with the previous model.

JMEV Yizhi EX5 is actually based on the fuel version of Landwind X2, and Landwind X2 is inherited from Changan CS35 platform. Changan Auto? Yes, Landwind was a sub-brand of Jiangling Motors Holding, which is a joint venture by Jiangling Motors Group and Changan Auto (Now, it hold by Jiangling, Changan and AIWAYS), this is why Yizhi EX5 is actually a Changan CS35 pure electric version.

The body size is 4160/1810/1670mm and the wheelbase is 2560mm. It is a standard small SUV. On the rear side, a chrome trim is connected with the taillights on both sides, the overall line design is simple. The interior also continues the stylish design of the outgoing model, featuring a three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel, LCD instrument panel, knob shifting mechanism, keyless entry, push-button starter, 7-inch central control screen, intelligent voice system.

JMEV Yizhi EX5 is equipped with a capacity of 55kWh battery, the power is significantly improved compared to the previous 41kWh, the range is increased to 405km, it takes 40min charging from 30% to 80% in fast charging mode.

JMEV Yizhi EX5 is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor (water cooling) , the maximum power is 60 kW, peak torque of 220 N·m, official claimed the 0-50km/h acceleration time is 6 s.