The China-Only JMC-Ford Territory Has an Pure Electric Version, Price Starts 182,800 yuan in Chinese Market


On the evening of August 25, 2019, JMC-Ford’s pure EV, the Ford Territory EV, was officially launched, the new car offers two trims, with price range of 182,800-206,800 yuan (~US$25,613 – US$28,976) after comprehensive subsidy.

Ford Territory EV has continued the overall design of its fuel version, it adjust in some detailed design. For example, in the front face, the design of the new car is more in line with Ford’s family language, with a hexagonal grille. In addition, the front bumper of the EV has also undergone many changes, such as the addition of the C-shaped daytime running lights on both sides, and the front fascia surrounding the bottom has also transformed from cross-over style to a simple fashion style.

In the interior design section, Ford Territory EV also inherits the design of the fuel version, features a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument and a 10.1-inch LCD screen. However, the car uses a “nebula gray” color scheme that is not available in the fuel version, and then the traditional gear-lever is also cancelled.

In terms of power, Ford Territory EV is powered by a motor with maximum power of 163 ps, peak torque of 280 Nm, and ternary lithium battery pack with capacity of 49.14 kWh, allowing it to have a 223miles(360-km) NEDC operating range. It is reported that the car’s power battery system adopts IP67 high-grade waterproof design, and the vehicle wading depth reaches 300 mm. In the future, Ford Motor also plans to provide unlimited charging and unlimited customer service in some cities in China.

Ford Territory: A China exclusive model from Ford

Ford Territory EV is based on JMC-Ford Territory that was launched earlier this year. The EV version is Ford’s first pure electric vehicle in the Chinese market, which will be delivered this year.

JMC Yusheng S330
JMC-Ford Territory fuel version

Anyway, JMC-Ford Territory has nothing connection with the Ford Territory that was introduced by Ford Australia. Strictly speaking, Ford Territory introduced by JMC-Ford in China is not a Ford-owned model, it is a badge engineered JMC Yusheng S330.

Yusheng S330 is a compact SUV made by JMC, the S330 was officially launched on September 26, 2016. It has been rolling in the Chinese market for two years and eventually discontinued due to the bleak sales. the Yusheng S330 has the disadvantages of rough interior work, low configuration and many small problems, which led to a decline in sales. In November 2016, Yusheng S330’s monthly sales volume was 8,250 units. After one year, sales volume plummeted and only sold 828 units.

The JMC-Ford Territory and Yusheng S330 are almost identical in body shape – Ford Territory’s wheelbase is 2716mm, length, width and height are respectively 458019361674mm, while the Yusheng S330 wheelbase is 2712mm, and the length, width and height are 458819321676mm.

The length of JMC-Ford Territory and the Yusheng S330 is only 8mm apart, and the wheelbase is almost the same, the tail of Ford Territory completely reveals his identity, the design of its taillights has 90% similarity with JMC Yusheng S330. Therefore, JMC-Ford Territory is totally a rebadged JMC Yusheng S330. Anyway, we believe JMC-Ford Territory will have a better workmanship.