ZEEKR Officially Announces the Completion of Series A Financing of USD 750 Million


ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ZEEKR”) announced the completion of Series A financing of US$750 million, with a post-investment valuation of US$13 billion. This round of financing was participated by Professor Amnon Shashua, the founder and CEO of Mobileye, a well-known autonomous driving technology company, CATL, Yuexiu Industrial Fund, Tongshang Fund, and Quzhou Xin’an Intelligent Manufacturing Fund.

The funds raised this time will be mainly used for ZEEKR product and technology research and development, global business development and user experience improvement. The five ecological partners have rich industrial resources in their respective fields, especially core competitiveness in intelligent driving, power batteries, innovative materials, and high-end equipment manufacturing. Among them, CATL is a long-term strategic partner of ZEEKR, and it will make additional investment in this round to further deepen the cooperation between the two parties. Yuexiu Industrial Fund, Tongshang Fund, and Quzhou Xin’an Intelligent Manufacturing Fund will assist ZEEKR to integrate its rich industrial resources, and help ZEEKR to further innovate and develop upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

An Conghui, CEO of ZEEKR, said: “‘Co-creation and co-investment’ is ZEEKR’s business philosophy. ZEEKR insists on co-creation with users and global high-quality ecological partners, and jointly promotes innovation and exploration in the field of smart pure electricity to create travel life with the ultimate experience.”

As of January 31, 2023, the cumulative delivery volume of the ZEEKR brand has exceeded 80,000 units. In 2023, ZEEKR plans to launch two new products, continuously enrich the product matrix, and double the number of new car deliveries. As a global technology company, ZEEKR is accelerating the pace of globalization and will take the lead in implementing the European strategy this year.