The official image of the third model named ZEEKR X is released


On February 3, we obtained the official image of the new compact SUV model of the ZEEKR brand based on the Haohan structure, and announced its final name – ZEEKR X.

In terms of appearance, judging from the official pictures released this time, the new car adopts smart matrix LED transmission headlights, which are hidden in the grille. The flat and minimalist shape creates a sense of the future. According to the official introduction, the LED daytime running lights of the car are composed of 41 light-emitting units on the left and right sides. The double ridge lines of the car body extending backward from the daytime running lights make the front shape more full and three-dimensional.

Viewed from the side of the body, the new car has a straighter roof line, so as to obtain better headroom in the car. At the same time, the front and rear side fenders slightly protrude from the body, which is full of muscles. It is worth mentioning that ZEEKR X adopts a design without a door handle, which brings a good visual experience. In addition, the frameless doors, frameless exterior mirrors, and hidden charging port cover design make this car more technological.

In terms of the rear, the car adopts the currently popular bar-type taillight group, and the ZEEKR brand logo is added to the center of the taillight, which not only enriches the visual layering of the rear, but also improves the vehicle recognition. In terms of model size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4450/1836/1572mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm.

According to the official introduction, the car’s 0-100km/h acceleration performance ranks among the 3-second club. At present, the official has not announced its power information, and we will continue to pay attention.