Geely’s ZEEKR 001 Goes to European Market


Recently, we learned from the official information of ZEEKR brand that the first batch of Polar ZEEKR 001 European version destined for the Netherlands has officially set sail, accelerating the new journey of ZEEKR globalization. This is the first time that ZEEKR model has been exported to the international market, and it also represents the official entry of ZEEKR products and services into the European market.

The European version of ZEEKR 001, which is about to meet European users, is being developed locally with the joint participation of the CEVT and design team of ZEEKR European Engineering Research and Development Center. It not only meets the requirements of the European five-star collision, but also differentiates the design, configuration, and other aspects based on local European needs. In addition, ZEEKR 001 European version starts at a price of 59,490 euros.

It is understood that Geely’s system has been deeply cultivated and laid out in Europe for many years, and customized research and development based on the characteristics of the European market has become a prominent advantage for Geely to enter Europe. Since its deployment two years ago, the strategy of ZEEKR Europe has achieved significant results. Currently, ZEEKR Europe sales company has been established, and the local area has been steadily developing for a long time. In the fourth quarter of this year, ZEEKR will begin delivery in two countries in Europe, Sweden and the Netherlands. It will increase to six countries in 2024 and enter eight countries in 2025, focusing on the developed European market and making specialized efforts. At the same time, in markets outside of Europe, Geely ZEEKR is actively engaging in more international cooperation and has signed agreements in Israel and Kazakhstan to establish a car distribution network, accelerating its entry into the global market.