Smart #1 Will be Launched in Asia As a Pure EV by Mercedes-Benz and Geely


Smart #1, an EV made by the joint venture Mercedes-Benz and Geely in China, will be finally listed on the Asian market, currently they announced that it would hold the Asia launch conference online on April 25th. On the Chinese market, they call it Smart Fairy #1 (Chinese says “Smart 精灵#1″),this is also the first vehicle from this JV. Earlier, the vehicle was displayed at Munich Auto Show as a concept.

Smart #1 Design!

Various reports on the web suggest that the upcoming Smart #1 will be positioned as a pure electric small SUV. Mercedes-Benz will do the design. At the same time, Geely supports engineering research and development. The new car is based on Geely’s SEA pure electric platform. It will be equipped with a battery temperature control system. The upcoming EV has a body size of 4270 x 1822 x 1636mm and a wheelbase of 2750mm. It is the largest model in the history of Smart. The Smart #1 made its world premiere a few days ago.

The Smart #1 adopts a new design language in terms of design. It starts with integrating frameless doors and hidden door handles aerodynamic kits. It even continues with the three-spoke steering wheel, 9.2-inch LCD instrument display, and 12.8-inch suspended central control screen.

The actual car highly restores the setting of the concept car. The whole is charming and attracts the attention of female consumers. For example, it retains the through-type front LED light group, floating roof, frameless windows, and through Type tail lights, etc. The interior maintains the usual luxury of Mercedes-Benz. The materials and colors are very elegant. It features 19-inch wheels with aero-blades. It will decrease the drag coefficient and improve the car’s range.

Smart #1 Interior!

The center console is embracing, and the multi-function steering wheel has a retro style, a 9.2-inch slender full LCD instrument. It also gets a HUD head-up display and a 12.8-inch floating center control screen to add further to the comfort. By integrating all these, Smart Automobiles strengthens the technological attributes of the vehicle. The car is highly intelligent, with four core modules that can centrally control the infotainment system and driver assistance system. It can also control the electric drive electronic control system and electronic or electrical system. Based on this, the car’s ADAS intelligent assisted driving system can realize functions such as intelligent parking assistance & adaptive cruise. It also supports pilot assistance, lane-keeping, and emergency avoidance.

Inside the heart of Smart #1!

The regular version is equipped with a rear-mounted e-motor, but the power is strong enough. That said, it will produce a maximum of 272ps (200kW) and a peak torque of 343 Nm. It is equipped with a 66kWh ternary lithium battery. It will have a maximum cruising range of 560km in CLTC standard and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.7 seconds. It also claims a limited top speed of 180 km/h.

The same will have a cruising range of 420 to 440km under WLTP conditions. The battery also supports fast and slow charging. Under slow charging, it takes around 3.5 hours to charge from 10% to 80%. In comparison, it takes only 30 minutes to do the same charging using the fast charger. The price of the car is unknown, and it is a bold guess that the starting price may fall around 200,000 Yuan (~US$31,400). If this is the case, it is pretty lethal to female consumers.