Spy Photos of Lynk & Co 05, A Coupe SUV Expected to be Listed by 2019


Lynk & Co has launched 01, 02, 03 one after another in China, these three models are positioned as compact SUV, crossover and sedan, covering the best-selling types in current market. As a new brand that focuses on young consumers, coupe model and wagon are still in the blank stage, Lynk & Co 05 will be another model to be soon released. Following the exposure of spy photos and declarations images from China, autoblog revealed its spy photos again outside China. It is reported that the new car is expected to be listed on the Chinese market this year, and then listed overseas at the end of the year. From the perspective of spy photos, it is positioned as a compact coupe SUV.

Since there were spy photos exposed in China, it’s easy to guess that 05 will still retain the Lynk & Co family style design, the internal structure of headlights has been adjusted and integrated into the waterfall design. The only thing that is obviously different from Lynk & Co 01 is that the rear end is replaced by a hatch-back style, it is a younger style.

Lynk & Co 05 Declaration Image in China

In terms of power, it is expected 05 to continue to be powered by the existing 1.5T inline three-cylinder and 2.0T in-line four-cylinder engines, and the transmission system to match the 8-speed automatic transmission. On this basis, Lynk & Co 05 will provide plug-in hybrid models later.