London Taxi LEVC eTX Spotted in China By Geely Englon TX4

London Taxi LEVC eTX Spotted in China By Geely Englon TX4

We obtained a set of new Geely TX4 road test spy photos from relevant channels, the interior design is exposed for the first time. The appearance of the new car is the same as that of the previous Geely Englon TX4, with a retro design that highlights individuality. In terms of interiors, the new car has simple and elegant design, but the configuration will be quite rich, it is reported that the new car is expected to be officially listed in 2019, it will mainly serve the taxi market.

London Taxi LEVC eTX Spotted in China By Geely Englon TX4

As the replacement model of the discontinued Englon TX4, Geely’s new TX4 is based on LEVC (London EV Company) eTX. The design continues the retro style, the compact front with round headlights looks very lively, the high roof design is very common in London taxi markets, it effectively protects the room for passengers in the car.

The spy photos also revealed the interior design for the first time. The overall interior gives a simple and elegant feeling, there is no overly complicated outline, although the layering is not very strong, the visual space is still quite good. In terms of configuration, the new car wll match an electronic gear, features push-button starter, and an electronic handbrake. At present, news about the new car’s power is still unknown, we will continue to pay attention and report.

About Englon Brand & Geely TX4

London Taxi LEVC eTX Spotted in China By Geely Englon TX4

Englon was once a high-end car brand belonging to the Geely Group. In 2006, the brand was established in Shanghai by Geely Group and the British Manganese Bronze Group.

The subsidy London taxi company (LTC) owned by British Manganese Bronze produces models mainly for London taxis and TX4 series models. However, at that time, the Chinese market was not mature, the Geely brand was a very low-end cheap vehicle brand, the Englon which positioned in high-end brand was not familiar to the Chinese people, Englon was difficult to have its position, he sales volume was not very satisfactory and eventually disappeared into the Chinese market.

Geely Group acquired the LTC (now known as London Electric Vehicle Company – LEVC) in February 2013 by 325 million pounds. The LEVC eTX is the model developed by LEVC’s all-new factory located in Anstey England.