Geely’s flying car AE200 X01 enters flight test verification


We learned from the official that AEROFUGIA, a technology company with low-altitude travel, vehicle-mounted flight, and industry intelligent solutions as the core, successfully completed the first flight in 2023. This flight also marks the test flight verification work of the AE200 X01 series enter a new stage.

AEROFUGIA is a brand of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is understood that since August 2022, since the first announcement of the self-developed flying car project and full-scale technology verification machine, AE200 has been working at full speed in product development and airworthiness certification. In November 2022, the country’s first manned and manned pure electric vertical take-off and landing manned aircraft type certification acceptance notice was obtained; in December 2022, all flight tests of key system test platforms were completed; in December 2022, AE200 X01 aircraft completed the final assembly and rolled off the assembly line; on January 17, 2023, the first flight test of AE200 X01 was successfully completed.

AE200 is a 5-seater pure electric vertical take-off and landing manned aircraft (flying car) independently developed by AEROFUGIA. Aiming at urban circles and intercity travel scenarios, it has the characteristics of high performance, high safety, and high comfort, meets the diverse travel needs of urban agglomerations/intercity, and has rich use expansion capabilities.

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