Geely Unveils New “Blade” Battery with 192Wh/kg Energy Density


Geely has officially launched its new self-developed and self-produced “blade” lithium iron phosphate battery – the Aegis (Chinese says “神盾”) short blade battery. It is reported that the new battery has achieved technological breakthroughs in terms of safety, cycle life, fast charging capability, and low-temperature discharge performance. In particular, in terms of safety, the battery cells have not only successfully passed the 8-needle penetration test of the China Automotive Center (CAC), but the same battery pack has also easily passed the 6 series tests of the CAC.

The new blade battery achieves higher safety through a shorter and more compact size and volume design, further improves the flexibility of the overall package layout, and increases the energy density of the “blade” lithium iron phosphate battery to 192Wh/kg. It is worth noting that the new battery will be the first to be equipped on the Geely Galaxy E5.

Test data shows that under the same battery capacity, the long blade battery takes 26 minutes to charge from 10% to 80% SOC, with an average charging rate of 1.61C; while the Aegis blade battery only takes 17 minutes and 4 seconds, with an average charging rate of up to 2.45C, and lower heat generation. In addition, in extreme cold environments, the Aegis blade battery also has stronger discharge capability and longer range than the long blade battery. Even when the ambient temperature is -30°C, the capacity retention rate of the long knife battery “plummets” to 78.96%, while the capacity retention rate can still reach 90.54%.