Geely Launch Cao Cao Auto for Car-Hailing Market, First EV Caocao 60 unveiled


On March 29, Cao Cao Mobility, an online car-hailing platform under Geely, released its world’s first customized car brand for car-hailing – Caocao Automobile, and also brought its first customized model Caocao 60.

In the Chinese market, the number of online car-hailing platforms has expanded rapidly after years of development, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. According to the report of the Ministry of Transport of China, as of December 31, 2022, a total of 298 online car-hailing platforms across the country have obtained, a total of 5.09 million people across the country have obtained online car-hailing driver’s licenses, and a total of 2.118 million vehicles across the country have obtained online car-hailing vehicle transportation licenses.

In addition to Didi, Xiangdao (SAIC Mobility), Ruqi Mobility, Cao Cao Mobility, T3 Go, Internet companies such as Tencent and Huawei have also entered the market, Robotaxi is also eyeing, the car-hailing market has entered a stage of fierce competition.

However, there are not many models specially developed for online car-hailing. Before the launch of Cao Cao Automobile, Didi and BYD jointly launched the D1 model for online car-hailing scenarios in 2020. On March 1, 2021, Cao Cao Mobility signed a contract with Fengsheng Automobile Technology Group Co., Ltd.(LIVAN Auto), and Maple 80V became the operating vehicle of Cao Cao Mobility.

Caocao C60, the first model launched by Caocao Automobile, is based on the Maple Leaf 60s launched by LIVAN Automobile. Caocao 60 is offered by two models, the official prices are 119,800 yuan and 139,800 yuan respectively. Its overall size is better than that of the sibling model of the same group – Maple 60s, and the price is cheaper.

Cao Cao 60 features a closed front face, with the Maple English name on the head; the bar-type light group at the rear is integrated with green trim, the bumper is equipped with a reversing radar. The interior layout is similar to Geely Emgrand L, the difference is that it is equipped with a built-in LCD instrument, and the main driver’s seat is equipped with a ventilation function.

Caocao 60 front seat back provides cup holders, folding hooks, charging ports, and supports one-button adjustment of the passenger seat; the rear seat has a 27° backrest angle, and the official claims that its headroom is equivalent to that of Buick GL8, and its lateral space is comparable to that of the Honda Odyssey. , the trunk volume is 500L.

Caocao 60 is a pure electric sedan, it is equipped with a 120kW front e-motor and a lithium iron phosphate battery. The new car can travel up to 415km at a temperature of 15 Celsius degrees. The other highlight of Caocao 60 is that the battery is swappable, like the models from NIO.