Geely EC6 RV Glance|Emgrand Family|Mini Cooper Style


Another China's Mini Cooper?

EC6-RV is another family member of Geely’s sub-brand EMGRAND, we may see from its name and simply knows that his brothers are EC7,EC8, but you could not get any relationship on its appearance due to the much different design style.

Mini Van
EC6 RV can be said as an Mini van, it looks like Mini Cooper! and the style is so much differ to other family members, I really doubt it belongs to EMGRAND series?

Detail Review

Oval style rear view mirror is modern, and I’ve never seen before on the same level vehicle.

The 5-alloy wheel is dynamic with sproty style.

EC6-RV Review

The side line are smooth and steamlined, the whole vehicle appearance are designed by two types of colors, it’s lik the design of Mini Cooper. The sculpt of taillight is exaggerated but really dynamic and cool!
The body size of Emgrand EC6-RV is 3845/1763/1430mm, wheel base is 2461mm, it seems that it will be shared the same platform with SC5 model (Englon Automobile), a 1.3T turbocharging engine and DCT gearbox will be used on this mini car.
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