Geely Auto Debuted Geely Preface Concept Car, the Prototype of Geely FS11


Geely Auto debuted its concept sedan model Geely Preface concept car on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, this is Geely’s first sedan model under CMA platform, it is also the prototype of FS11, which represents the overall design of the future FS11 production model.

Geely Preface concept car adopts a new design style, the geely’s family style expanding cosmos grille has been changed, the interior of grille adopts a vertical waterfall design. The slender headlights have three strip light sources inside, which looks very solid.

Geely Preface concept car uses opera door design, which may only appear on the concept car, and future production models may be cancelled. In addition, the car has a small size rearview mirror, which highlights its two-color large size rim.

At the rear part, the shape of Geely Preface concept car is regular. The smaller taillights are placed on the sides of the trunk lid. The center is connected by a chrome trim, the lower part is embedded GELEY logo.

Interior of Geely Preface concept car is designed in white and copper color as the main color, the overall style is simple.