Emgrand EC7 Review & Road Test – Appearance


Appearance – beyond the image of the same level compact car

Emgrand EC718 appearance is undoubtedly very successful, real car people who see it will issue some basic sigh. No matter from which side, which are out of Geely Automobile to stay in our hearts the traditional impression. EC718 Although located in a compact car, but its large dimensions, and focus on the details of the deal are the atmosphere, so the practical effect of the vehicle completely beyond the traditional 10 million or less a basic compact car feeling .

In the body side, who could not find any significant Emgrand EC718 traces of imitation. Basically, a lot out of this basic compact car models to imitate in a cycle of Japanese cars, initially developed its own style. Through the roof from the front to the rear of the vehicle through the line, forward dive in the waist and very good with sheet metal and paint technology, Dorsett did it in appearance EC718 out of low-grade sense of the first and most critical Step.

Emgrand EC718 rear of a paragraph we can find some shadow of Ashkenazi luxury, but the overall look would be very good feeling, shape harmony, atmosphere. The editor of this station photographed the back of a black Emgrand EC718 letter identification without any visual effects look quite good.

Emgrand’s use of six EC718 alloy wheels, with 215/55R16 tires the best. 16-inch wheels in the same grade car size is relatively mainstream, but the width of the tire 215 can be called the true sense of the limited capabilities. Because of cost considerations, the car is also reasonable selection of good tires.

Emgrand EC718 or the appearance of both design and workmanship are very successful, first in the shape of the car out of imitation of the real image, and compare the overall shape of the atmosphere. Geely from the Western developed countries and because the introduction of the product line, stamping, welding and related equipment, such as spraying, painting also uses a more environmentally friendly, bright water-based paint. This makes the Emgrand EC718 compared to the original appearance of Geely Automobile has been a qualitative leap, a joint venture brands can and mainstream levels comparable models.
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