2020 Geely Vision SUV (Vision X6) Will be Soon in Chinese Market


Recently Geely released official images of its entry level products, the Geely Vision X6. Compared with the current model, the exterior appearance of Vision X6 has been improved, the power continues to be the 1.4T engine, which may be launched within 2019.

Geely Vision X6 was the formerly Geely Vision SUV, it is the entry-level SUV in Geely’s lineup and has always been the main model of Geely Auto and the benchmark product of Geely Vision series SUV, the cumulative sales have exceeded 560,000 units. Recently, the 2020 Geely Vision X6 has been from inside out, and the body size has also been increased, which has surpassed the hot-selling model under the same brand – Geely Boyue. In view of the positioning of the car, and with reference to the price of the current vision SUV, the starting price of the 2020 Vision X6 is expected to be around 70,000 yuan.

2020 Geely Vision X6 features the latest design language of the family and updated with Geely’s new badge. Compared with the outgoing model, the change of the front face is mainly on the lower air inlet of the bumper, which is changed to the three-section style. The change on the side of the car is not too much, the only difference is that the rim is upgraded to 18-inch, floating roof and panoramic sunroof are still available; the taillights at the rear of the car vary greatly, with a chrome trim on the sides of the taillights and 48 LED lights inside the taillights.

The body size of 2020 Vision X6 is increased compared to the current Geely Vision SUV. The length, width and height are 4546×1834×1715mm and the wheelbase is 2661mm.

In terms of interiors, 2020 Vision X6 has also undergone major changes, with a 7-inch LCD instrument, a 10.25-inch floating center-control screen and a new style three-spoke steering wheel, while the interior is mostly wrapped in large-area leather and brushed metal. The official called the design concept of the interior the “West Lake Arch Bridge” design.

In terms of power, 2020 Geely Vision X6 is powered by 1.4T engine with maximum power of 104kW (139hp). The transmission is expected to be the same as the current model, or it can match the 5-speed/6-speed manual and analog 8-speed CVT gearboxes.

The price of current 2019 Geely Vision X6 (Vision SUV) is 69,900-105,900 yuan (~US$9,863 – US$14,943) in Chinese market. It is expected that the price of the new car will not change much. It will continue to maintain high cost performance and is favored by entry-level consumers.