GAC Trumpchi GS8 Review – Chassis & Suspension


We introduced the situation of Trumpchi GS8’s front & rear crash beam in the last post. Generally speaking, mingled hope and fear. The good news is that the process and materials of the front bumper are not bad; the worry is that the rear bumper size and overall design are bad. Today we continue to talk about Trumpchi GS8’s chassis & suspension.

Chassis design: reverse developed from Korean cars, both advantage and defect

Although the chassis of Trumpchi GS8 does not have plastic guard plate, although there is still gap compared with the joint venture vehicles, the chassis is smooth. Some people say chassis of GS8 is actually a reverse-developed product, but they didn’t specify which car is imitated. However, some old fans can still see some clues, such as Hyundai Grand SantaFe.

In fact, for China brands, whether it is reference, imitation, or so-called reverse research and development, this is the only way for China’s automotive industry to advance its technology, this is understandable. After all, the development of the Korean automobile industry and the maturity of chassis design are still worth learning!

Trumpchi GS8 adopts a full-frame subframe, which is rare in China SUV brands. Although there is a large area of insulation near the exhaust pipe, there is neither guard nor anti-corrosion coating at other places except the middle part of chassis, we guess it is also to save costs, as well as the absence of the lower guard.

Front suspension: cast iron lower swing arm, better than some VW vehicles (in China)

The structure of GS8‘s front suspension is a traditional MacPherson, the lower control arm is made of cast iron. Compared with the single-layer stamped steel plate of VW, the GS8 is thicker and more durable.

Because the cast iron material does not bend in low-speed collisions, it not only reduces maintenance costs, but also improves the rigidity. Trumpchi GS8 is wise on the key materials.

Rear suspension: compromised due to the 7-seat layout, defects on the design of the shock

Since the GS8 is a 7-seat SUV, the Korean prototype is also a 7-seat car, the rear suspension position of the GS8 is relatively low in order to compromise the leg and head room of the third row, it will be mistaken for the rear suspension of a sedan model if you just look at the GS8 rear suspension design, which affects the passability of the vehicle.

In particular, the position of the support point under the rear suspension is incomprehensible design, if you are a sedan, such a low position of the support point may not attract my attention; but as a “reverse developed” vehicle, is it a stupid mistake to “learn” from the same defect? What is the developers’ own ideas? We can’t see it at all!

Therefore, GAC Trumpchi GS8 is no problem as a comfortable urban SUV; The rear shock absorber is definitely a fatal injury if you want to drive it to hit rough roads, which is easily hit by stones. this car will be absolutely broken-down once a collision, break happens on bad roads.

Summary: Reverse developed chassis, not an off-road vehicle

In fact, The so-called “reverse research and development” is basically the copy from Hyundai SantaFe from point of the chassis design of Trumpchi GS8, but many Chinese media still promote the “off-road” performance of the GS8, we really don’t know where you may find the off-road performance on this 7-seat SUV, is it just because the four-wheel drive system so that it can be called an off-road vehicle?

In addition, GS8 is kind and honest in the key materials, full frame subframe, cast iron lower control arm, multi-link design, these are good. However, the pipeline on chassis is uncovered, lacking spray armor, and it is still a fly in the ointment. Please watch our next show regarding to GS8 interior materials.