2019 “All-New” Mazda 6 Atenza Launched in China Market, Powered by 2.0L/2.5L Aspirated Engines


As a sports player in a joint venture mid-size sedan, Mazda 6 (Aka Mazda Atenza in China) has entered China for many years. In the meantime, it gained a good market reputation and built a strong mass base. The dynamic appearance, good handling and excellent fuel economy are all highlights. On the evening of August 20th 2019, 2019 Mazda 6 (Atenza) facelift officially went on sale, with a price range of 175,800 to 239,800 yuan (~US$24,851 – US$33,899) in China market. The new car will be available in six trims including 2.0L and 2.5L natural aspirated engines.

Appearance has improved, but no surprises

In China, the so-called “all-new” Mazda 6 (Atenza) is actually a mid-cycle refresh, the appearance is consistent with the overseas version, the most update is in front fascia, the design of the front grille continues the design concept of “KODO-Soul of Motion” and follows the design of improving the sense of exquisiteness and movement of the medium-sized sedan. The internal structure of the headlights with full LED light source has been fine-tuned, the design has a lower center of gravity and looks sharper.

The biggest change in the tail is the LED light strip design inside the taillight group. The length, width and height of the body are 4,780/1,840/1,445 (1,451) mm and the wheelbase is 2830 mm, body size is much similar to the overseas version except the length is shorter (4894mm for US spec). But it has lower center of gravity than the current Mazda 6, and the car body is wider than outgoing model, reflecting a more elegant posture. The overall feeling, this time the update of Mazda 6 Atenza’s appearance is more like changing the old one to a “new exterior”, that’s all.

The interior features black + beige two-tone matching, the instrument panel is changed from the current three-round barrel to the three-circle full-color LCD instrument, the central air outlet is embedded in the center console, the new floating central console display features interconnection system and remote command key knob, vehicle networking system, intelligent security assistance system and adaptive matrix LED high beam configuration.

The powertrain keep the same, only a little optimization

2019 Mazda 6 Atenza has the same powertrain as the outgoing model, 2.5L/2.0L naturally aspirated engine matching 6AT gearbox, maximum power is 116kW (155hp) and 141kW (188hp) respectively, and the maximum torque is 202N·m and 252N·m respectively. It neither introduced the 2.5T turbocharged engine, nor did it choose the latest SkyActive-X Dynamic Pressure Turbo engine, the powertrain is uncompetitive. Compared with the old engine, it only optimizes the number of injection atomization, improves the environmental performance and work efficiency, and meets the national six emissions.

The chassis of new Mazda 6 Atenza has not changed, the design ideas have not changed, the powertrain has not changed, the interior layout has not changed, the official has now stood up and opened a press conference to declare: “We are a new generation Mazda 6! Frankly speaking, it is very dissatisfied with the official statement.