Xpeng P5 – Xpeng Motor’s 3rd EV Made Debut in China


It was too late to wait for the Shanghai Auto Show. On April 14, Xpeng Motors officially launched the third mass-produced model: Xpeng P5. The new car is positioned as a compact pure electric car. It has a NEDC range of about 600km. The main label of the vehicle is still the auto-assisted driving and intelligent interactive cabin. In addition, the most important information is that the new car will be equipped with the XPILOT 3.5 automatic driving assistance system and lidar to achieve better comprehensive automatic driving assistance capabilities.

In terms of appearance design, Xpeng P5 has many brand new design elements. Although the main body visually continues the style of the P7 model, the details including the lights and front surround have all made new designs. The official said that the new car adopts the X ROBOT FACE styling concept, and the X styling on the front face fits the brand LOGO.

From the side of the body, Xpeng P5 has a slightly smaller body size than P7, with a length of 4808mm and a wheelbase of 2768mm. As for the width and height, they are about 1820mm and 1530mm, but the official figures have not yet been announced. The new car is mainly targeted at the family crowd, which is slightly different from the P7 model’s positioning of young people and more sporty styles. The body of the P5 is designed with a slip-back shape and a hidden door handle. The drag coefficient Cd reaches 0.223, which is slightly lower than that of the P7 (0.236). Compared with the front, the design of the rear part is closer to the overall shape of the P7. The bar-type taillights are narrow and long, and the slightly tilted spoiler is quite design.

In terms of interior, Xpeng P5 features an enveloping design, and the materials are more sophisticated. Among them, the huge central control screen has become the visual core of the entire cabin. Based on this screen, the P5 is also equipped for the first time with an interactive cockpit based on the Xmart OS 3.0 system. The Xmart OS 3.0 smart cockpit also means higher computing power, faster and smoother cars, and greater scalability. In addition, similar to Xpeng G3, on the A-pillar of driver’s side, the vehicle also uses a camera to detect driver fatigue.

In terms of assisted driving, unlike the XPILOT 3.0 on the Xpeng P7, the P5 is equipped with the XPILOT 3.5 automatic driving assistance system. The biggest feature is that it is equipped with two lidars, which can gradually cover urban road scenes (urban NGP) in the future, including more complicated road conditions, traffic lights, pedestrians, etc. And this time Xpeng P5 also brings us some interesting small scene functions, such as theater mode and sleep mode.

In terms of some black technologies, Xpeng P5 will also use a solar roof, which can supplement energy when the vehicle is driving and parked in the open. The car owner can check the charging power of the solar roof in real time through the car system and mobile phone App.

At the press conference, Xpeng Motors did not clearly announce the vehicle’s power system information and battery capacity, but the official stated that the NEDC range of the P5 is about 600km. For the storage space, the official said trunk volume of Xpeng P5 will be 450L. And the specific time to market, Xpeng P5 is expected to be officially listed in 2022.