Xpeng Motors to launch a new car with car-level lidar


According to Xpeng Motors’ official statement, it may launch a compact car equipped with car-level lidar. Its debut time may be at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show or the end of the first quarter. In addition, on January 1, 2021, Xpeng Motors officially announced the news of its cooperation with Livox Technology. This new car may use the Xpeng customized version of the car-level lidar produced by the two parties.

It is understood that Xpeng Motors currently has two models on sale. The subsidized price range of Xpeng P7 is 229,900-409,900 yuan, and the subsidized price range of Xpeng G3 is 146,800-199,800 yuan. Earlier, the official announcement of the brand’s sales data, Xpeng P7 delivered 3,691 units in December 2020, and Xpeng G3 delivered 2009 units that month. At the same time, the delivery volume in December 2020 also hit a record. The best record in the history of the brand.

With the gradual stabilization of production capacity, Xpeng Motors is also constantly enriching its product line. In addition, in the face of fierce competition in the new energy market, the brand’s progress is obvious to all. It has achieved free lifetime charging services at 670 sites in 100 cities, and has covered more than 90% of Xpeng car owners in terms of lifetime free charging services.