Xpeng Motors has completed the construction of supercharging station in 100 cities and may reach 200 cities in 2021


On December 29, Xpeng Motors announced the addition of 34 cities with free lifetime charging services such as Anyang and Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. So far, since September 26, Beijing became the first Xpeng car owner to enjoy cities with free lifetime charging services. By December 29, 2020, after 95 days, Xpeng’s supercharge lifetime free charging service cities have expanded to 100, with a total of 670 supercharge sites all over the country

On September 26, 2020, Xpeng Motors first opened the “Xpeng Car Owners’ Lifetime Free Charging” in Beijing; during the China’s National Day, Xpeng Supercharge has opened a lifetime free charging service in 24 cities; on October 30, Xpeng Motors Supercharge stations added in 6 cities including Haikou, Huizhou, Quanzhou, Weifang, Shantou and Zhuhai; on November 30, Xpeng added free overcharge stations in another 22 cities; starting on December 29, Xpeng will setup free charging service for life in another 34 cities.

Xpeng Supercharge Lifetime free charging service includes: self-built charging network and third-party charging network system. Xpeng car owners can also enjoy life-long free charging services at the charging piles of third-party charging network operators such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Special Call, Star Charging, and Xiaoju Charging. According to the plan, Xpeng Supercharge will strive to provide car owners with free lifetime charging services in 200 cities in 2021.