Xpeng Motors launches intelligent Robot horse with high IQ & intelligence


A few days back, Xpeng Motors unveiled the third-generation prototype of their first intelligent robotic horse. The same was codenamed as “Little White Dragon”. And the same robotic horse has many capabilities, including riding, autonomous solid movement, and emotional interaction. It also came with many other capacities. The intelligent horse, which was unveiled this time, was developed by Shenzhen Pengxing Intelligent Research Co., Ltd.The same company is the new member of Xpeng Automotive Ecological Enterprise. The prototype which was unveiled comes with the body and limbs of a pony. And the head of the same resembles an intelligent robot.

The overall shape of the new robot horse is pretty naive. Further, the new intelligent robot horse has a unique pony shape with front legs, i.e. with “front knees and back elbows” and “straight knee walking”. It also equips with a high power powertrain unit with a higher density ratio. As said above, the robotic unit is independently developed by Pengxing Intelligence. The company has developed the horse with good balance and agility. Apart from meeting the riding needs of children, it can also become a small assistant for short-distance transportation in life. The robotic horse can also complete tasks such as express delivery.

In addition to this, the intelligent robot horse also comes with Xpeng Motors full-stack self-developed smart driving technology. Apart from this, it also uses a vision plus LIDAR perception system to build maps and plan paths. With the addition of LIDAR, it can realize autonomous movement, target following, automatic obstacle avoidance and other functions. At the same time, it also comes with the ability of “multi-modal interaction.”And also with a curved display screen on the face. Further, it also gets rich expressions, body language and can interact with children and big fellows.

More about the brand which made robot horses!

Both Pengxing Intelligent Foot Robot and Xpeng Huitian Flying Car are ecological enterprises deployed by Xpeng Motors. These are deployed under the strategy of “Future Traffic Explorer”. With the emergence of full-fledged intelligent vehicles, it represents that Xpeng Motors is changing its base. That is, moving from a smart car that can run to formally enter large scale intelligent transportation. It will have a layout of running, flying, and walking.

If you don’t know about the Pengxing Intelligent Team, it was established back in 2016 in Shenzhen. It is one of the earliest domestic teams to invest in the field of research and development of foot-type robots. The brand has accumulated several core patents in the areas of robot power modules, motion control, intelligent driving, and interactive systems. In 2020, Pengxing Intelligence received investment from Xpeng and Xpeng Motors. Since then, it became an eco-enterprise deployed by Xpeng Motors under the strategy of “Future Transportation Explorer”.

Then, the Pengxing has a rapid development. Pengxing Intelligence has R&D centres in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, and the United States. The brand is trying to gather top talents in robotics, automobiles and technology from worldwide. In a recent statement, the brand said that they are looking forward to more skills. Those interested in the field of intelligent robots may join them and realize their dreams.